Thursday, June 30, 2011

First week HOME in Geneva

We stepped off the plane and went straight to FERME DE FEUILLASSE
to go raspberry picking with the Hiatts.  Thanks to my sister Alma we had a Swiss picnic ready
so we could spend the whole day playing.
We love being with family again!

The kids of course love being around family.  When my brother Chris came over to hang out with them, you would have thought a celebrity was over.  Lolo said Chris would come around 5pm, at 5:04pm Ethan was counting every second.

Family pizza picnic at Trembley Mike and brother in law Tom joined after they finished work.  I love watching my kids play outdoors all day long b-c it is not as hot-humid as Singapore.

We took the tram into town (kids thought it was VERY cool that I got to ride the tram to school starting in 3rd grade) and hung around my favorite shopping area MOLARD.  We took the local MOUETTES GENEVOIS boats to cross the lake and just watch Geneva go by.

We headed for the Old Town to see our favorite corners.  Here is a restaurant where we used to eat.

This is 2 rue de la Valee where Mateo and I had our first apartment when we first got married.  The kids were VERY surprised that we had a life before they came into our lives.  It was a studio with great big windows and a tiny separate kitchen and bathroom. 

The Old Town is my FAVORITE part of Geneva living...we sure loved our time living there.  I think it would be kind of hard with kids though b-c everything is either up or down hill.

Lots of memories here at Place Bourg de Four with all my Ecolint friends.

Here we are at 30 Grand Rue where cousin Anna used to live when Ella and Anna were babies.

The city of Geneva hosts a GRAND end-of-school year parade in the city.  We watched the long processions looking for friends Claire and Jakob but we didn't see them....however, we did go for rides and treats afterwards with them at Parc des Bastions.

This photo cracks me up b-c you have a
SMOKING kids' clown.  So Euro!

We felt so lucky to be at Lisa's open house at her "work" where her art and jewelry pieces were showcased (all her paintings sold and not just purchased by my Dad!) and we got to see her perform in an art & dance musical number that was very inspiring. 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Arabian Nights

My French friend Cecile turned 40 so she threw herself an Arabian Nights Party.
I LOVE themed parties and this one was EXCELLENT!
Food was by Le Caire Cafe (Arabic food), her home was transformed into a Bedouin tent,
Belly dancing performers entertained us, and she had the cutest little goodie bags of
Arabic sweets and the blue evil eye.  People were also crazy about the Hooka Water Pipes.

I love Zadian @ 5 years old

Zadian turned five.  I love how at this age they
know exactly how they want their birthday party.
Zadian simply said, "Green frosting bay blade cake,
all the boys from my class, and presents please"

Teaching his friends the Furner tradition of heavy heavy hang gift giving.

Ella was in charge of the art table and getting the boys to paint on their goodie bags.  Ella was my helper for filling them up. I'm so glad I have Ella in our family.  She's got the entertaining thing down so well.

Ethan was very helpful too and he ran the tattoo station.  Ethan and Ella were great at being leaders throughout the whole party.

We thought seven little boys would be crazy and loud, but it wasn't, they were so happy and content to be together and play with Zadian's new toys.

At the last minute, Ethan and Ella decided to have a face painting station, and they did a superb job!  Zadian was the happiest birthday boy ever!  

So many "lasts" for Cheryl and family

My dear friend Cheryl is moving back to the USA.
Her hubby Ben got his dream job teaching at WEE WHY WOO.
We have had a marvelous 2 1/2 years together exploring Singapore.
I'm so sad to see her go, but we definitely lived it up before she parted.
Here we are at brunch at Wild Honey for Rochelle's bday:

Bikman family farewell picnic at Mayfair park with all the people they love:

Squeezed in one more playdate with the three monkeys,
here they are playing Angry Birds for Gage's birthday.

We did a total tourist thing before Cheryl left....cable cars to Sentosa Island then visit to Underwater World.  It was a beautiful bonding day.

Samara Louise's last day in our home.  Kids got home from LAST day of school and we celebrated with AWFULLY chocolate cake.

Last night was spent together at Marina Bay Sands:

Firmenich Family Day @ Palau Ubin Island

Palau Ubin is an island just a few minutes ride from Singapore.
Firmenich hosted a fun family day, so we started 
out at Changi Jetty for our bum boat ride.

Here's Mateo giving out prizes for the lucky draw - it was so cool that you could win plane ticket vouchers, a massage machine, Wii console, and even in iPad (my kids were hoping for that prize)....instead we got 100 SGD vouchers for a yummy bakery.

There were lots of games and competitions, kind of like the Survivor Show:

The team that takes care of all Firmenich activities is REALLY great, they are very creative and enthusiastic.  Lunch was a cultural experience too b/c Singaporeans LOVE fried chicken wings (so do my kids actually), but every time they brought out a big dish of it, people would run up and plate up and they'd need even more.

The whole event was so kid friendly...lots of activities for older kids, and Zadian and Niko were entertained by a whole team for games, activities, airplane making etc.

There was a cooking competition too, using local seafood:

I thought it was so cool that people brought their spouses and children, but also brought along grandparents to share in all the fun!  That is so cultural b/c you really wouldn't get that in the Western world for any corporate parties.