Tuesday, November 15, 2011

November birthdays and thankfulness...

We bought Groupon coupons for Sentosa Segways BEFORE Emily and I knew we were pregnant, but we went on anyway, and had a blast....we laughed pretty hard b/c some of the daredevil stunts the guys tried FAILED!

My Dad was in town for Mateo's bday wknd,
so he tagged along all the bday fun!

Here we are at Chjimes with the Sloan family for 
Mateo's bday dinner at a Taco joint.

The best part about this resto, is the kids can run around
in the beautiful Chjimes gardens.

The famous MACARON cake we all love....

Fun pool BBQ at the Lawler condo
with all our 20something year old friends.

Eventhough I wasn't feeling too hot b/c of the pregnancy,
we still enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving with 
Woodies friends.

Ella and Anna as sweet little mice in their ballet class'

We always end November with the Sloans,
this time celebrating Lachlan's birthday.