Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Swim play dates with the Sougs - it's always a party!


Rich threw a 40th birthday bash for Jonna, we all helped him make it a surprise!  I just loved Jonna's face when she walked in the door - she said it was surreal!  Excellent Mexican caterers (a treat for us here in Singapore), a great guitar/singing duo, lotsa desserts and the wonderful company of 40+ friends.  Perfect celebration.

Siong Lim Temple - Happy Vesak Day!

Vesak day is a public holiday in Singapore....we LOVE all the traditions surrounding the celebration of Buddha's birthday.  The kids particularly enjoyed the "bathing" of the Buddha statue.  We enjoyed visiting the Siong Lim Monastery in Toa Payoh - a beautiful Buddhist temple and complex.

Vesak on Waterloo Street - Exploring with my Nikolino

Monday, May 16, 2011

Vesak Day Celebrations

Playdome with Playeum

Agnes' friend Sumi has been working very hard on her company PLAYEUM (museum w/ out walls) and we try to go to every one of her events; this latest one PLAYDOME at the National Museum was exceptional.  The kids had a wonderful time!  Here is Sumi, she is due ANY day now.....

The kids enjoyed drawing WAYANG masks and playing puppets in the artistic puppet stage.

 Ella enjoyed coloring patterns on a maze cloth exhibit.

Ethan with Caitlin at a ribbon-making creation.

The giant kaleidescope was VERY interesting for all the kids to figure out.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

City BBQ!

Jane and Blake are a DARLING couple! It's fab having 20 something year old friends who live in hip places in the city, remind you what newlywed love is all about, and even do cute little things like send you the latest songs to listen to. Jane and Blake hosted a really fun bbq at their condo poolside grill. Even though Mateo is out of town, I still went and joined b/c it's like hanging out with your siblings....low key and fun, we were all relaxed.

Why I love Mother's Day

I love Mother's Day b/c the kids get so darn excited to give me whatever gift they have made. I love that the kids can write now and can share what is in their hearts! Here's a gift from my Ella Paris:

On mother's day, Jonette and I got together b/c both our hubbies are away on biz trips. We all had a great time lunching, hanging out, going to the park, and our big present was a boxful of wonderful, happy children!

We did celebrate with Mateo early...he always does a great job with celebrations. Mateo and the kids surprised me with paintings of their favorite activity with me...cute Zadian painted us bowling and I only did it once with him b/c my thumb starting hurting but it meant so much to him, sweet boy. Mateo wrote his usual love letter, always the highlight of any celebration for me, and we went out for Swensens Ice Cream and shopping...Mateo gave me Hot Latin Dance classes - and he's joining me!!! How fun & creative is that?!

Iphone Fun after school

My favorite time of the day is when the kids come home from school....as soon as they walk in the door they look for me and their faces light up and we all hug! I am always grateful for this golden season that I have them at home. We love sitting on the couch after school and playing around with iPhone photo shoots.