Sunday, November 28, 2010

Our Sweet Santa Lucia

Mateo's side of the family is part Swedish and he grew up celebrating Santa Lucia in his home. We have continued this tradition and since Ella Paris is our only princess, she gets to be Santa Lucia EVERY year - she loves it! We gather and sing Santa Lucia and eat our favorite Swedish abelskivers.

A Danish Christmas Affair

We went to the Danish Seaman's Church at Mt Faber to enjoy the Annual Danish Christmas market. The church is a gorgeous black and white house. We loved it! We enjoyed our favorite abelskivers, beautiful Danish decorations, and the kids made lovely candle holders to bring home. Ethan was surprised when he learned Mateo was part Danish and he said, "You're telling me I'm American Filipino Swiss and NOW I'm also Danish??!! What else are we?!"

Tropical Christmas Tree Shopping

The kids love choosing a Christmas tree here in Singapore - where else in the world can you shop in December in shorts and sunglasses? I love watching Mateo and the kids decorate our tree. Nearly 15 years of marriage and I still love watching Mateo decorate....he IS Mr. Christmas!

It's that time of year....

Our Christmas Traditions have started already - singing carols as we light our Swedish advent candles, chocolate advent calendars (thanks Debbie!) and a new one this year introduced to us by the Gickling cousins - the Elf on the Shelf. We named him Jingles and he's watching the kids every day to check if they are naughty or nice. At night, he takes off to report to Santa and returns to a different position in the house. Very effective!