Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Morning!

Oh Joy Oh Happiness!
I loved Christmas as a kid, 
but I love it even more as a mother.
There's nothing I love more than 
seeing the kids happy...

My friend Jonette gave us such a gift of love - 
delicious cinnamon rolls in our freezer.
Which really is a gift of time b/c I don't have to make breakfast, I just enjoy the day!

Two Christmas Eves - one at home, one at the Gammons' home

Since we drink hot chocolate every night, I thought the kids should have individual mugs, they loved this gift a lot.

Family cheese fondue dinner, the night before Christmas...
we always kiss our neighbour if we lose our bread in the cheese pot...smooch!

We open sibling presents on Christmas Eve,
 I love seeing the kids so generous and thoughtful.

Probably my favorite moment on Christmas Eve at home, 
we had our own family dance party to Christmas tunes.

For dessert, the kids decided to grill their 
mini marshmallows on the Advent candles.

The kids got the cookies and carrots ready for 
Santa and friends:

Christmas Eve party and nativity at the Gammons with the Daynes, Robisons, McKeowans, and Liberatores....
a perfect party and Mexican dinner celebration:

My two favorite Christmas traditions

What would Christmas be without our Ella as Santa Lucia?

Now we have TWO girls in our family to celebrate this wonderful Swedish tradition from the Furner family.

Oh Lulu we just love you so much:

Life is magical with these five kiddies:

A new tradition this year - going to the Swedish Church to celebrate with poems, songs and prayers for Santa Lucia - followed by all the Swedish goodies:

Christmas gingerbread house decorating is probably the kids' all-time favorite craft...
sharing the tradition with our Indian friends Sanjay and Anita and their darling kids Uma and Siddarth...Ethan had Ben over, he's English and he said, "I can't wait until I tuck into this treat!"

Furner Noel - a French tradition

We had the Wagners and Vaughans over for our annual 
French Christmas/Noel celebration.
We usually do raclette and steak and 
buche de noel for dessert.
Always lovely to sing French Christmas songs too! 
Love celebrating with these two sweet families.

Christmas Tree Decorating and American Club Santa

What is it about Christmas pajamas that is so endearing?
I'm glad that the kids are always excited about them.
Here the kids are decorating the tree.
I'm so glad I'm married to Mateo 
b/c he LOVES all the Christmas traditions and takes care of nearly everything:

 Annual visit to the American Club Santa:

Our Christmas gifts for friends this year:

Beautiful Christmas flowers sent over from Mateo's assistant: