Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ethan (who thinks he's Justin Bieber) turns NINE!!! (a month early)

Ethan's birthday is April 24 but we celebrated a month early b/c it was the only time we could find a weekend w/ out a school holiday and/or guests visiting us. I love celebrating my kids! It was a special day for Ethan....for me as a mom it was extra special b/c I feel like we have overcome some "growing pains" with Ethan and we're on a really good roll with him. There's so much to love about Ethan but probably if I had to pick one thing it's that when Ethan is around life is a celebration and a party. Ethan is always SO ALIVE! He's been that way since the moment he entered the world....

We had 36 kids at Kids Amaze (a wonderful indoor playground). We ordered tons of pizza and lots of snacks....and for his cake Ethan wanted a simple vanilla cake and vanilla frosting w/ a photo of him with two lightning bolts. It was such a breeze of a party and we had such a good time!

Here are all of Ethan's buddies from school, church, neighborhood etc. One thing that has always come easily for Ethan is being a good friend to all. I admire him for always being so kind to his friends.

We rented a school bus to take kids from school campus to the location, Mateo said it was CRAZY high energy on that bus!

We always start the day with birthday breakfast, so here's Ethan with cinnamon rolls and opening one of his presents - JB concert tickets!!! He is so excited (I have to admit, I'm pretty excited I get to take him and see that cute Justin B in concert). Ethan always tries to brush his hair to look like him. I know, he's due for a hair cut!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fun doesn't stop in this city!

I just have to blog this photo. I love the Bikmans! Cheryl is just all-around super talented, I learn so much from her, she does so much for me, I can't even count if I did I'd feel guilty, and I just want to eat up her two little girls b/c they are so adorable. And if you don't know Ben, you wish you did b/c he's one in a million.

There are so many things I love about Singapore, but ENTERTAINMENT is definitely top, along with great FRIENDS. In March there is restaurant week, a bunch of restaurants get together and do special menus w/ special's a group dinner w/ the Sloans, Brittons and Debbie F (hubby in Taiwan). Super fun evening, great convo of course!

We had a park outing with our Euro friends the Kempenears (Dutch) and the Guthiers (German). I just HAD to add this photo b/c Nick Guthier grew up with the Gaags, and don't you think he LOOKS like he's from the Gaag family?!

Firmenich had a really wonderful BRING YOUR KIDS TO WORK day. The kids got to do all sorts of neat things with flavors and perfumes, like mix their own hand soap, season their own potato chips, etc. Very well organized and the kids learned a lot!

The kids always love visiting Mateo's office....

I love hanging out with "THE BLONDES" as I call this wonderful circle of Singapore Sistahs. Here we are out to dinner for Korean....

Out to lunch at our favorite Spruce to celebrate Jane not so Plain's birthday....

And taking our kidies to Pedis. Niko has this latest craze that he wears button down shirts unbuttoned and he calls himself MICHAEL JACKSON!

Really cool having Marina Bay Sands in Singapore now b/c they are bringing in Broadway shows. Mateo took Ethan and Ella to see Lion King. They loved it! Mateo said the stage/set was
even more innovative than when we saw it in Broadway a decade ago.

My boys were invited to Carson's bday party, and since his Dad is in Entertainment...the whole crew got to go to DISNEY ON ICE....AND my kiddies got to ride in the special carriage DURING the show....WAY TOO COOL!

Here's super-fun Mama Becky who makes every day a party for her kids!

Home to ski!

Mateo had this grand idea to take Ethan and Ella skiing back home instead of going to Australia for Spring Break....we just didn't want them to miss another season of skiing. Look how happy Mateo is to be in the cold and the mountains:

Here is Ovronnaz, a very small/local resort where my parents have their chalet. It's perfect for kids! Not only did the kids ski, but they had great bonding time with de Guzmans and Hiatts.

Ethan and Ella were happy to hit the slopes again and do the local ski school daily.

This is the FUN sleddding day the kids had where unfortunately, Mateo broke his pinkie!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Special time with Niko and Zadian

Mateo took Ethan and Ella skiing this week, so I get a very special week with my sweet Zadian and fun Niko. We miss the trio (Zadian esp. misses Ella, he said he loves her very much, misses her hair, and her family games the most) but we are making it a super-fun week together. I never thought mothering two could be so easy! Here's Niko full of smiles on the Dinosaurin' ride at Universal Studios. He just made the cut on all the rides as long as he's w/ an adult:

Zadian has had play dates this week b/c we don't have to run around to E&E's after-school activities. Zadian loves it!

A special one-on-one outing with Zadian to Sentosa Island where we rode the luge in the RAIN and ate lotsa chocolate at Hershey's and rides at Universal (again!).

A bowling swim party for cute friend Samara on her fourth birthday. I just love spending time with Mommy friends Cheryl and Jessie. Janae was so sweet to host at her place b/c they have an indoor bowling alley. My boys haven't stopped talking about it.

Niko + cupcakes = happiness

We go to playgroup every Wednesday, its tons of fun, Niko's highlight of the week. Today we went to Horse city to feed the bunnies and watch the horses at play...and pancakes are Picotin were YUM!

Our helper Alma is away in the Philippines, so Niko comes on my morning jog, he loves it....and he loves the monkeys.

I took Zadian and Niko to the Liberatores to celebrate Katie turning five. I just LOVE this Mommy/daughter photo at the rainbow party:

Zadian w/ favorite pal Jack:

A Malay wedding celebration

Our friend Ali invited us to his son's wedding. I was so excited to receive the elaborate purple and violet invite! The invitation said 11am to 5pm so I asked what time are we REALLY supposed to go, and we learned the party starts when the groom arrives (in this case 2pm). Look at these darling girls in their traditional Malay outfits:

On each table there was a teapot and bowl....I was wondering what it was for....then I saw people using it to wash their hands before and after they had clever!

I thought the party favors were adorable - hard-boiled eggs in a silver cage. I asked what it represented, and of course - FERTILITY!

The women look beautiful in their selendang scarves:

Ali with his wife and two children (groom's family) all dressed in fuscia:

We were so honored to be invited and included in the family celebration.

I'm not quite sure what this troupe was for at the wedding, maybe they performed but we must have missed it, but the colors are really cool: