Sunday, April 22, 2012

Furner Family Reunion - Kiawah Island, SC

What a GREAT Furner family reunion we had at this beach house on Kiawah Island, South Carolina.  
We missed Melinda and Emma though.
The cousins had the VERY best time 
just hanging out together:

No FURNER family gathering is complete without gifts from
Tata  and Uncle Daniel, the kids were pretty excited!

Grammy always has great art projects for the kids,
they enjoyed decorating Easter buckets.

We had our very own family Easter egg hunt 
at the house and garden...

Kiawah Island had a whole bunch of amazing 
Easter festivities for 
all the family, including a GIANT egg hunt and egg toss.
We are so grateful to Molly and family for organizing
the reunion....

The highlight of the vacation was of course, 
going to the beach all together.
We sure loved being with everyone!

Grammy and Grandpa sure love family time:


Ethan thinks Hunter is a pretty cool uncle
(we agree!) 
We feel so lucky we had so much Gickling family time
over our three weeks in the USA.


...we don't get to see Chris and Sandi and kids enough so we are so glad they were there visiting from UT.

A day in Charleston, South Carolina


We were very impressed with Charleston,
we loved the old cobbled streets, Southern homes, 
and all the history.
Our first stop was the horse-drawn carriage ride.


We definitely LOVED Southern cuisine 
especially the sweet desserts,
like caramel bread pudding, peach cobbler, etc.

The coolest store in Charleston was MOON PIES, 
an old-fashioned candy shop.

We had beautiful weather, so we had to cool off with 
ice cream and splashing in the fountains.


 We love how Luke just jumps in on everything,
he is such a cute kid!

I love this relaxed Mom/Daughter photo of Sandi and Emily.

Kayla and Ella are such good friends and cousins 
and played so well together,
there were a lot of tears on both sides when we left.  
Kayla is such a neat little girl with so much pazzazz!

Family Celebrations in the USA

The Furner Families LOVE celebrations, 
so what better way to 
celebrate milestone birthdays then with family?
Here's Niko's 4th Birthday at Chuck E. Cheese:


Here's Ethan celebrating his 10th birthday at Grammy's: 

 Here's Mateo at his surprise 40th Birthday dinner
at Kiawah Island's Rosefarm Cafe:


 We all loved the Southern cuisine like Shrimp & Grits:

Mateo doesn't like to be fussed over, but I know that he loves his family, so dinner with them was so special: