Friday, June 22, 2012

Finally in labor!

FINALLY labor started on the baby's due date 
Friday 8th of June!
I was swimming at the British Club and 
I just KNEW it was time.
We quickly went home to put the kids to bed
and drove 10 minutes to Mt. E hospital.
Here I am excited, happy, relieved, anxious, concerned, 
the whole emotional spectrum:

And here she is, baby Luciana, 
who came out with only ONE push!

We were so stunned she came out so 
easily that we were speechless.

Very first photo of Luciana with her eyes open.
It's a never-ending love affair with 
every single one of my children.
Childbirth is the most exhilirating 
experience every single time!

Kids meeting Luciana for the very first time

No words can describe just how much 
JOY and LOVE Luciana
has brought to our family.  
The kids simply ADORE their new little sister.


First family photo with Lucia just ten hours old:

 Niko my "baby" has now graduated to big bro:

I think these two sisters are going to have 
a great life together,
sharing the bond of sisterhood:

I ask the kids every single day, how did I get so lucky?!

Mount Elizabeth Hospital Stay

After four natural childbirths, I felt it was time to try the EPIDURAL!
It was the right thing to do with this fifth pregnancy.
Here's Dr. Yap the sweetest Chinese anesthesiologist.
She was not much taller than Ethan!
We were so impressed with Dr. Yap,
she put me right at ease with my first-time epi experience.

Dr. Anne Hagarty - just about the coolest Canadian OBGYN you can ever meet! She's a lululemon-wearing, yoga-loving, horse-back riding, hip woman, who has delivered more than 5,000 births...and really knows what she is doing. I credit everything positive related to this pregnancy and labor/delivery to her!

The Filipina nurses were the sweetest, they sure took good care of
Lucia and I for our five-day restful and peaceful stay.

The Indian kitchen staff were so sweet.
They even brought extra food for my four "little ones".
I just have to say, this would NEVER happen in Europe.
I love birthing in Asia! The western food at the hospital was so so,
once I switched to Asian / Malay / Indian - it was SO much better!
However, for every meal I had, Mateo had to go run down
and buy me a second meal....I've been ravenous as a breastfeeder.


The hospital is seriously run like a hotel, front guest manager,
here's one of the friendly Malay cleaners:

I'm so glad I had these days to just rest and relax, I never turned on the TV,
I just held Luciana and enjoyed her.

One thing I've never had before is this bracelet on me and one on
Lucia's foot, every time they bring me to her there is a lovely little tune
so the staff know they matched the right mom to baby, AND
also so that nobody can steal the baby or the security will sound off!

On Monday, the kids were so excited to come after school and have Lucia's
first FHE and dinner outside in the gardens.  Chef Mateo had packed spaghetti
bolognaise for the family.

Proud Papa - he sure loves his little girl!

I'm so in love with Luciana.  As my fifth, I realize even more how fleeting the time is that they are little and sweet and tiny, I am enjoying EVERY minute I have her in my arms.

Mateo and I leaving Mount Elizabeth hospital:

Luciana Coming HOME to Hua Guan Avenue

The kids were so delighted to have Luciana HOME at last!
Ethan is babysitter extraordinaire already.  
I completely trust him, he is so gentle and careful.

Ella loves the baby too, but she is very occupied with
managing Luciana's wardrobe and picking out all the outfits like this one:

Lucia is a water baby - she loves her bath time!

Friends and family have been so generous, 
we don't even need to buy any clothes for Lucia.
Other gifts we love - cupcakes from Eve 
my Singaporean baker friend,
flowers from friends, and Amer's traditional Chopard engraved silver frame we love:

Our very first girls' outing to get mani's and pedi's.  
I sure love having two daughters!  It's a new experience.

First time we loaded up all the kids in the car, 
we realized, we are a BIG family!
Not one extra seat in the car....