Sunday, July 22, 2012

Phuket Thailand Family vacation!

Ten days away on vacation is just super for family time.
We loved our beach family time.
Especially when the sun was setting over
the Andaman Sea...just gorgeous!

Family photo shoot on vacation


Lucia @ 6 weeks knows how to SMILE!!!  
We are all so excited about this, esp. Ethan 
who is so good at getting her to giggle.

Pool family fun!

Phuket Old Town and Phang Nga Village

I was all set for vegging for ten days but Mateo was excited to rent a car for a couple days and do some sightseeing - I'm so glad we did!  Old Town Phuket is lovely and I didn't know there was Portuguese influence in this part of Thailand.


My Ella loves street food as much as I do!

 We love going to markets, and the kids were intrigued by the dead chicken and guts.....

Another day we ventured north to Phang Gha, we enjoyed the stilt village and seafood by the water...this area has gorgeous limestone hills jutting out of the water.  We didn't do the tourist boat trip, we didn't feel good about taking Lucia on it b/c there are no life vests her size.  We'll be back though....

Favorite Activities

the Thai aunties were so sweet to them.

Thai water dancing & fire tricks at hotel lobby was cool

Fishing was a great activity for the kids....Niko was too busy eating the bread for the fish.

The highlight of each day was feeding and riding baby elephant LUCKY.  I don't know what happened to JUMBO but this elephant was very friendly and even KISSED Ella!

We thought the little hike to see the Bang Pae waterfalls at the National Park was gorgeous!

Back from vacation....

 Ella loves lists as much as her Mama, 
I love her vacation list....

Best part was being with the family, wonderful bonding time.
Second best thing was great Thai food.
Thai Beef Salad is my fav.

Trying a new dish, yellow curry noodle with crabmeat
was divine:

Mateo found this amazing local institution in Old Town Phuket run by two sisters. We LOOOOVED it!

My favorite resort restaurant was GINGA by the beach:

Despite having Satay and Peanut sauce EVERY meal, Ella still seems excited to eat them every time:

I loved unplugging from the world, but here we 
are in a taxi in Singapore 
and connected again!