Thursday, February 17, 2011

Damnoen Saduak - Great Floating Market in Thailand

Had a fabulous short trip to Thailand with Molly & Hunter. A highlight was on our first day we visited a floating market. I know that tourists flock here and are crazy about it, but there's a good's amazing!

We were so glad we chose to do the boat ride, b/c it goes through the market but then back in the canals to see the backwaters and local homes.

We did a pit stop at a gorgeous Thai temple all glittery and gold.

We had mango sticky rice every single day there, my favorite Thai dessert.

Anantara Resort & Spa in Hua Hin

We had so much fun w/ Molly and Hunter on our Thailand trip.....first time we four have gone away w/ out kids....we had so many great conversations and good times!

Look at this beautiful Thai meal....good thing we all four just LOVE Thai food....

Our Valentine's Dinner all together....

This photo is in honor of Jonna's search for the perfect mortar and pestle (Sharon you know what that's all about:-)

Look at the gorgeous lagoon area of our hotel, totally breathtaking....

We all loved our time on Hua Hin Beach...

A cool outdoors shower....

I love spending time with Mateo!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Gong Xi Fa Cai Celebrations!

We have been fascinated by Chinese New Year ever since we started celebrating in Hong Kong in 2002. My favorite thing is buying the kids new CNY outfits, here they are in their latest gear for the year of the rabbit.

The city is alive with red and gold decorations. We took the grandparents to see the Chinese Gardens - it was really lovely this year all covered with red ribbons, flags and lanterns. I'm so glad our friend Cheryl told us to visit it.

The kids thought it would be funny if they were "captured" by this Ancient Chinese Warrior.

We also celebrated at the Hong Bao Festival which takes place on the Float at Marina. This particular giant statue of the God of Fortune would spew out gold flakes, the old Chinese ladies would try to catch them in upside down umbrellas. They had no problem pushing my kids to the side, so I'm thinking that they are thinking the gold flakes will bring them lots of fortune this year.

The lights and lanterns are pretty impressive!

Here's Ella with the CBD skyline behind her. I can always get my princess to smile for me, even if my three boys have had it with the camera and their photo-crazy Mama.

One morning I took Howard and Sharon to Chinatown to do a historic walk for Chinese New Year. I just had to snap a photo of this sweet little old man, he looks like a Chinese caricature don't you think?

Here's Sharon listening to Geraldene's talk about the customs and ways of the Chinese. It was soooo interesting learning the what's and why's of CNY.

A drink stop at a local roast duck and rice coffee shop.

One of my favorite stops on the tour was checking out this old family bakery preparing all the pineapple tarts....they were DELISH!

A weekend Singapore Marina Bay Sands.

Thanks to our friends Jennifer and Kyle who both work at Marina Bay Sands, we got away for a night w/ the family at the oh-so-cool architectural feat of three towers and balancing "boat" to enjoy great food and wonderful views. Here's the fam enjoying our latest craze Japanese Spaghetti - we LOVE it!

I don't know what it is about this photo but I think Niko is the cutest in it, and it occurred to me, I love being around Niko at this age so very much b/c I have actually never had a two year old w/out having a brand-new baby in my he's extra special!

Here are the kids at the infinity pool on top of the hotel....despite the cloudy/rainy weather, Mateo and kids STILL swam and jacuzzied away.

Visiting the Sky Park deck on the 57th floor, pretty cool views of the city.

The Sands is attached to a high-end mall so there's plenty to do, entertainment, shows, ice-skating and lots of eateries.

Grammy & Grandpa LOVE Singapore....and we love having them here!

Grammy and Grandpa love going on kiddie outings with us, the kids love "showing off". Here's Ella at the Science Center Lunar Wintry Event. The kids did origami bunnies, attended a terrific science show, and played outside in the fake snow ....

The kids really got their Papa with snow/ice balls!

We all went to the Philatelic (Stamp) Museum, they have great hands-on activities for kids!

This is just about the CUTEST stamp I have ever seen!

Another day, we got out the door nice and early to visit the ISTANA (the presidential palace). It is only open to the public a few days of the year. We didn't get a glimpse of Mr. S.R. Nathan, but watching the changing of the guards was pretty cool.

At the main gates to the Istana.

The Victorian building was IMPRESSIVE and the grounds were estate we have ever seen in Singapore.

The JURONG BIRD PARK is a great outing for both grandparents AND kiddies....we all had a blast!

We had some friends (the Moyers) visiting Singapore so we met up with them, I knew Dave from grad school in our DC days. They live in Hanoi with the State Dept and it was fun to see them and catch up.

Grammy loved photographing the birds, they loved climbing on her!

My kids seem to always get picked for the shows, here's Ella at the bird show saying she's from "The Philippines, Switzerland, America, Sweden and Denmark." She's so funny.

We LOVE Universal Studios, but it's even MORE fun sharing it w/ grandparents! Here are the kids singin' in the rain....

Grammy & the kids at the Ancient Egyptian area.

Kung Fu Panda is AWESOME!