Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mui Ne VIETNAM Spring break

Mateo's ex-colleague Steve is the lawyer for Anantara Resorts, so we just
LOVE going to these resorts for our family vacations.
I never thought we could be a family who just relaxed at a resort
and didn't venture out daily, but we're really getting good at vegging:

I'm not a huge fan of Mateo flipping the kids all over the place, but they love it!

It was really fun to be part of a resort but having our own private villa and pool, the kids thought it was so fun to skinny dip one night in the dark!

Ethan loved the nightly treats they left on our beds:

My favorite thing was breakfast every morning, I'd pile up with local food, and Mateo and kids would pile up with American things like pancakes and waffles.

My little sister Alma and her family came to join us there, it was the BEST part of the trip.
We didn't tell our kids so they were SUPER surprised and happy!

We went on a hike through FAIRY stream, it was magical for the kids. 

The kids ran up and down sand dunes and totally falling over didn't even stop them.

I love when kids can spend hours and hours exploring in nature.  

Ok Ella is cracking me up in this photo:

On the way home from FAIRY STREAM, we came across some really cool ways to ride the sand dunes...Ethan thought he was so grown up riding his own!

I don't know if I'm embarrassed or proud to say, we sat at this breakfast table every day for one week from 6.30 am to 9.30am just having a grand time eating away!!!
Alma and I pretty much talked all morning and afternoon and night.

Big pool time is always fun!

I don't know why I love this picture, probably b/c Niko never takes his flippers off, and he even runs around the resort and up and down stairs like a little duck.

I love this 5th one so very much I could just eat her up!!!

Cousin time was the BEST of course:

Ethan's getting really good with the camera.
This photo is SO Niko!!!

I like my paparazzi shot of my newly pregnant sister,
really fun to learn the news LIVE and in PERSON.

Our family shots on the beach, as usual:

I should probably try to lighten these, but I'm not a perfectionist, so  here you go:

The girl cousins thought it would be fun to go to the spa and get their hair braided, the boys went and got tatoos, three weeks later, the tatoos are still on!!

Beach time was lots of fun too, we are so spoiled in SE Asia with gorgeous waves and sand.


Mui Ne is known as Asia's capital for kite surfing which was very cool to watch.

Mui Ne is very local and quiet....there's a 10 km strip of shops, restaurants, hotels, etc that the kids loved walking up and down on every evening.

Lady selling TAHO - silken tofu that my kids love

This is their local gas station for motorcycles:

 A few more favorite memories - our Filipina friend GRACE really took good care of us.  I love her!  The kids thought they were so cool eating pizza at the pool bar.  Niko's slice dropped in the water and he STILL ate it!!!

Prawns in coconut water and FIRE was a real treat:


 Niko's birthday is March 29 and ever since we have lived in Singapore, he always has his birthday during spring break, lucky kid.  This year with the Hiatts was extra special!

 Just before we said good bye to the Hiatts, we stayed longer than they did.
We LOVED vacation with family!  

Monday, January 7, 2013

Nikoi Island - perfect family time

I love family vacations!  Who doesn't?  But this one was special because it was pure family time with no distractions.  Just complete togetherness!   Some of my favorite family photos from Nikoi.  Mateo's always behind the camera so I don't have many of him...

Niko's got a thing for Shirley Temples

This little one has given up on baby food, even w/ no teeth she wants what everyone else is eating!

Here's Ethan behind the camera having a go.