Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween OVERKILL!

Sentosa Spooktacular was truly amazing!
I hate spook events.... HATE them.
But I was impressed....and terrified.

We had way too much fun with Dave and Jessie.
Dave was brave leading the way through each
spook house, Jessie and I were screaming next,
and Mate followed freaking out b/c
the monsters were grabbing him!

Here's Ethan at a Malaysian Mall.

Here's the pumpkin that Zadian designed on paper and
Mateo transferred and carved with him.

Here's Ethan's creation:

Ella planned and made lists and executed her first Halloween party.
I hardly did a thing but shop for food and prep food.
She organized games and activities.
That's my girl!

The best part of Ella's craft party was the ice-cream uncle showed up
on our street towards the end of her event.  Perfect timing.

This is my dear friend Jonette.
She threw a Haloween bash the Sat before Halloween.
Look at her sweet Mary Ester who said (b/c she didn't like her dress)
"I am NOT happy at my Halloween party"

The kids loved the donut game.

The parents loved that the kids paraded around the pool!

But the Pinata was definitely the highlight:

What's halloween in Singapore w/ out trick or treating in the Woodlands?
Here we are at Becky's house for dinner, ready to roll!
Daynes and Furner kids so excited to start the night.
Have you ever seen a cuter BYU cheerleader in your life?

Jocelyn, Becky and I with some of our kiddies at the Spencer home.

I thought the Sloans had such fantastic costumes.
Especially Reuben in his Puss in Boots.  
I love that kid.

My favorite two photos from Halloween:

Diwali - Festival of Lights

The kids didn't feel like dressing up for Diwali b/c they said the clothes were itchy.
I said I'd give them 2 bucks, they asked for 4 bucks, and it was a done deal.
I got my Diwali photos!

I just love this montage!  Love the Indian colors.

So fun to celebrate with Sumi and Naveen and their family.
Great Indian food, lots of interesting people, coloring with rice flour,
and lighting up sparklers!

Brunches Lunches & Dinners Galore

Oh sad the reality of expat living.
Papallious last dinner before they return to Oz:-(

Chjimes dinner with Papalious, Tolk Tuminez, and Brittons.
Can I just say, I look like a GIANT compared to petite Astrid?

 Yum Dim Sum with the City Gals -
 Jonette, Mona, SungYi and new-friend Michelle, 
who has so much personality she makes us all 
look like vanilla cake.

Becky's birthday brunch.  
Mornings is just a great time to gather,
all babes in school and we get to all relax.

We gifted Becky with a basket for her S. Africa trip.
What a great 40th birthday present (the trip) from her Mike!

Becky's 40th didn't stop with brunch.
We threw a big, fat party on the General Cheng Ho Ship.
A great way to celebrate in Singapore!

Becky's the BEST person to throw a party for,
b/c she totally hams it up.....and wears her skinny jeans.
I love what Jane said on her blog,
"Forty never looked so good!"

Can I just say, that baking with some of the 
best bakers in town,
is one of my favorite things to do!

Another birthday brunch!  
This time for Melissa, who said she's NOT YET 50,
so we're celebrating YOUTH & FRIENDSHIPS.

I kind of have a thing for Restaurant Week.
All these great restaurants participate and do 
these special prices
for set menus for lunches and dinners. 
A late-night with the Sloans at Rochester One.

A delightful sunset dinner by the Bay at the 
Lighthouse with
Sanjay and Anita.  

Kiddie Fun

Ella comes up with the BEST art projects!
She really takes after her Grammy Candy.

We went to a kids charity fair to raise awareness 
for children with disabilities.
Not only was it fun, but wonderful to support the artwork of these special-needs kids.

We love the museums in Singpore.
The Asian Civilizations is probably our family favorite.
The Terracotta Warriors came!
It was my final BYU PR project so it was great 
to share with the kids....